Whaaa! aka Monday Morning

Here I am, killing time at SFU, waiting for classes to start.

I still find it hard to believe that I’ve been up since 5:30am. I keep reminding myself that this was MY choice. It doesn’t really help, but I know by 4:30 I’ll be so happy to be heading to the ferry that I’ll forget how miserable the morning is. I hear that’s how childbirth is; the end result is so great that you forget the trauma of getting there. I wonder if a litre Nalgene container of fresh coffee will help with childbirth too? It sure helps THIS process.

So last night was my first real social engagement since living on the Coast — Diana’s on Friday nights is wonderful, but this was a party where I had to do more than just listen to music, drink tea (and pee about 20 times). Steve’s friend Laurel had a dinner party and it was lovely. Everyone was very nice and the chocolate fondue was amazing. I could get used to this!

Mind you, I was grateful all over again for Angel… that little dog is my ‘in’ on the Sunshine Coast — actually, she’s my ‘in’ everywhere I go. Cute, well-behaved, and a darn convenient topic of conversation. If I really have nothing to say, I just get her to do tricks and there the conversation goes. Her tricks stand in for the witty conversation I wish I had.

The real challenge will be in March, when we have our housewarming/Steve’s birthday. Poor Angel will be doing tricks all night. Actually, we’ll just point people towards the view and no talking will be done at all. The entire evening will consist of oooh and aaaah and “do you think I could hit Molly’s Reach with this rock if I threw it REALLY hard?” I love living in Gibsons.

Musing and contemplating and thinking, oh my!

I wish it was a bit more interesting, all things considered. You’d think by the last semester of an English B.A., I’d be a bit more profound. All I can think of are a few things I need to pick up for our (our!) new place.

1. Garbage Can. Raccoon foiling must commence NOW.
2. Two resin chairs. Six is a good number for a patio table, and I have four from beside the house that just need an intimate encounter with a tub of vinegar to be useable. Mind you, I’m not sure I actually KNOW more than four people in Gibsons all together, but hopefully Steve can find people to fill them.
3. Two footmats (outdoor). Carpet is not an adequate substitute for mats. At all. Even carpet that is so delaminated that it looks like an outdoor mat is not acceptable.
4. One footmat (indoor). Even though we’ve hired a cleaning lady (yay!), I don’t want to have the footprints of two people, two cats and one muddy dog tracked right through the kitchen. Not that I really expect all of the people, any of the cats or the dog to actually WIPE their feet, but it might help. Maybe I won’t get it after all…
5. One wastebasket. For the bedroom. Two people x two ears each x two q-tips/ear/shower x two showers per day = I’m not good at math, but even I can see we need a wastebasket.
6. One plastic tablecloth. For the table on the patio that may or may not ever have more than two people sitting around it. Also: tablecloth weights. I don’t anticipate that the weights will keep the cloth on the table (especially during wind like we had last weekend), but it’s worth a shot. I can just picture a cat parasailing over the roof, clinging gamely to a tablecloth… Fortunately, tablecloths are cheap at the dollar store. Maybe I should get more than one? We do have two cats.

So far the move has been good. I haven’t, as Steve’s mum asked, strangled him yet (nor him me). Nice how his family has so much faith in him, eh? To everyone’s suprise, we’re still waiting on our first fight; it oughta be good when it comes.

Much to MY suprise, the commute is fine. I’ll probably be hit by lightning on the way home, but I admit I prefer the 6:20am (am!) ferry to the 8:20 one! I’m still looking on it as a daily adventure, though I don’t know how long that will last. I do realize that I commute for six hours for five hours of classes on Wednesdays. Ah, well.

Such is the price of getting out of the city. Oh, and moving in with my boyfriend is pretty cool, too. Gibsons is very nice. It reminds me a lot of the Kootenays, with the tie-die and loggers in – let’s call it harmony, for want of a better word. I like how Elphinstone looms behind us and how the wind always blows, like in Kaslo.