The aftermath.

So. As you might have guessed, the WCT didn’t go exactly as planned. We did manage to hike from Pachena Bay to Michegan, Michigan to Tsusiat Falls, and Tsusiat Falls to Cribs Creek, which was both Crab Day and the Long Day.

We had fun doing what we did; we covered 42km of the 75 kilometre trail; we saw some incredibly cool stuff, including what was probably the ass-end of a cougar. We also got on fine — better than fine. The long day was hard for me, physically and emotionally (because I pushed myself further than I ever had), and Steve was still my biggest fan. He was amazingly supportive.

Here is the link to the full Trip Report we did for, complete with photos:

Link (created by my Steve ’cause he’s so smart)

I have to repeat here that after the accident, Steve was a rock. He did everything right, even though the situation was incredibly stressful and painful for him too. I can’t imagine what it took for him to say “no” to me while I was begging to go back in the creek (and get hypothermia and even sicker). He came off the trail with me, held my hand in the ambulance, and, though exhausted himself, was nothing but kind and loving.

I’m laid up now, for at least a few more weeks (even after spending the five post-accident days on my future in-laws couch watching cable). But we’re already planning another trip to the WCT — perhaps next year, or early the following year.

For me, this WCT photo sums it up. Even though this is Cheewat Beach, and I’ve just hiked 13-14km and my third wind is amost entirely an illusion… I still wanted to give Steve an ‘awwww’ moment by practicing my ‘new name’ in the sand…

On the up side, being immobile is giving me lots of opportunity to think wedding stuff! (Steve would say too much, I think 🙂 I’ve been thinking vows, colours, Trish (who apparently does do food management at the RCCH), beer etc. I had apparently been reading the Knot’s budget thing wrong so we will actually be fine for money. I had a nice chat with my parents about stuff too — my Mum is a consummate table-decorator, so she’s going to lead up the decorating for the hall.

I may even get a pedicure before the wedding… pretty up my ugly foot!

Here’s another one of us at the dock at Nitnat: Crab Day!

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