Oh bad me.

Oh, Blogger, who art in interweb, please hear my abject confession… it has been almost three weeks since my last post.

Ok, maybe I just have ceremonies on the mind right now…

While I was sitting in the gazebo on the Gibsons Pier/Wharfy thing, listening to Duttons play for Music in the Landing (including a song written by Clay Hepburn entitled… well, I don’t know what it’s actually called, except that Diana wants him to call it ‘Rigatoni Mortis’, but the chorus starts “macaroni is better in your tummy than on your own bare foot” — thanks, Clay!) and as I was there, with dusk descending, and the lights on the boats in the marina coming on… I thought “there is no other place in the world I would rather be than right here, right now.” And then I thought — this would be a bloody brilliant place to get married!

The gazebo is very, very beautiful. It’s on a long pier that is attached to the wharf, so it’s right smack in the middle of the harbour. It has Keat’s Island to one side, Gower Point to another, then it looks up to Elphinstone, or over to the North Shore mountains. In other words, decorations would be cheap, as it’s all provided by Mama Nature. There is a reasonable amount of parking in Lower Gibsons, and a short walk to the pier. The wharf people say they will block it off and provide a few parking spots. It has a cover (though it will get cozy in there, especially if the weather is iffy) and everyone will be in a circle around us, just as I wanted. There isn’t any seating, but we can bring a chair or two for the infirm. Fortunately, we’re planning on a short ceremony! Then everyone dashes through the rain to the Roberts Creek Hall for dinner & music (Toast & Jam, says Clay).

Here are some pictures of the gazebo… yes, there is a very, very long aisle.

On the upside, the wharf people advised they would almost certainly get around to pressure-washing the seagull poop off the gazebo before the long weekend. Not that white isn’t a very bridal colour and all, but…

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