I had a lovely chat with my parents tonight about a miriad of things, a conversation which ranged from the Jabberwock (beware!) to art books, via cars and dresses. I do love my parents!

They mentioned that my UK Grandma, recent widow, had sent along her usual Christmas gift o’ cash to them. The sweetest thiing ever is that she included Steve in her largess! The money is, truly, neither here nor there, though much appreciated — it’s that she already thinks of my honey as family.

All together now — awwwww!

Thanks Grandma!

On a related note, I sent out my Christmas cards today. And it’s not even December 22! Yay me. Which reminds me… I need to start collecting mailing addresses for invites. Hard to think I’ll be sending out invites in less than three months. Which reminds me — I need to join my FH in bed, as I do work tomorrow. Which reminds me! He put a moratorium on wedding-speak/read/research etc. until Tuesday. He forgot, however, to include a moratorium on wedding-writing… hee hee!

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