We took Bean to the vet this morning. After her shots last night, the plan was to see how she was doing today and take it from there. It might have just been the adreneline in her system from the car ride and all that, but even last night she seemed a bit perkier: she lapped some milk, licked some wet food and groomed a bit (including grooming off the salmon oil Tanya dabbed on her paws). She also came out of her spot behind the chair to visit with Steve and then greet Tanya when she came in, which seemed like a good sign. She even ate a few crunchies!

This morning she seemed like she was moving around more easily and, well, moving at all was an improvement over the past few days. She had groomed a bit more and looked altogether like a cat with some interest in life.

When the vet saw her, he said her temperature was back to normal and she looked like an entirely different cat! Not too happy about the *ahem* thermometer, but much more alert. He gave us some more antibiotics with cortisone to give her at home for 10 days, after which we’ll see how she’s doing. If it’s feline leukemia or some such, then there won’t be much we can do, especially as bloodwork has to be sent off coast; by the time the lab results are back, it’d be too late.

That said, we’re optomistic. Especially as we stopped by the IGA to get some Fancy Feast (cat junk food) and Pounce treats. We also got Tanya a pie, since she’ll be cat- and dog-sitting when we’re away this evening (and we forgot to ask her — bad roommates!). When Steve gave Bean the Pounces, she lit into them like she hadn’t eaten in a week. And, of course, she probably hadn’t. She ate a half-dozen of those, and we also gave her some more wet food, and she ate that too!


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