OMG! Back on track!

Back at Di’s, back to my Friday night blogging session.

Here is a photo Steve took of the sunset from Di’s place yesterday during rehearsal (they are playing at an Very Posh Art Gallery Opening on Sunday).

This was a good week. Wednesday I faxed off the order form for my wedding skirt, the bridesmaid dresses and the vests/ties/pocket squares for the guys. OMG! to use an overused internet expression.

The Aria people called back right away to advise that the ship date for my stuff is April 21. OMG! Since they courier it, that should leave at least three weeks to have any alterations done, if necessary. I’m going to get my shirt & stuff in April too.

What else? I think I’ve found everything I need from eBay just now to do the invitations, it’s just waiting with bated breath for the packages to arrive. I think I drive Steve nuts with my “have you checked the mail today? No? Can you please CHECK IT already??!!” I even found brown cocktail napkins at the dollar store. I <3 dollar stores! Now that the caterer is found, the dress ordered, the invitations idea’d and eBay’d, plans underway etc. I feel like I’m actually Getting Things Accomplished. I’m even getting my ears repierced this week! I know, Too Much Information. I’ve also gotten a start on some papers and we’re starting to finalize readings for the wedding and ask people to speak them. I’ve asked my very old friend Jody to read “I Like You” by Sandol Stoddard — and big news! Jody & Julia got engaged last week! congratulations to them! We also asked Clay to read “Falling in Love is Like Owning a Dog” by Taylor Mali and he was already thinking of how he could read it! I brought Angel to Dutton’s to say hi when I was dropping Steve off last night, and we were invited to listen to a tune or two… I drug it out to four or five before heading home. Angel is a huge music afficionado and she sat in the middle of the room (on the comfy carpet) and listened and listened and made blinky love-y eyes at all the musicians. She was sad to leave 🙁 Here she is on Steve and her hike up Soames Hill this morning:

It’s been nice to see the sun for the past few days, and, with any luck, it’ll last a few days yet.

I’m sitting here at Di’s table, listening to her play ‘Lark in the Morning’ on her beautiful harp and I feel very, very content with my world. I listen to the best music, I have the best people, and I live in the best place. Oh, and I have the best dog, and the nicest view from my bedroom window:

And the best fiance 🙂 OMG! So the best!

2 thoughts on “OMG! Back on track!”

  1. Are you kidding me?

    Invitations (for which I need addresses, stamps, 100 slaves, postal stamps, a printer and a few hours to design stuff)
    Viewing the hall with caterer and Gayle
    Find a top for wedding ensemble
    Decide on desserts
    Haircut & whatever else
    Oh right — Ceremony! and choosing readings! and asking people to read!
    Deciding on music for dinner
    Deciding on music for Di to play
    Getting a shirt for Steve
    Getting and dispersing wedding gear from Aria
    Doing table layouts with photos and more photos and placecards
    Oh and deciding on seating
    Ordering and assembling favours
    Getting cds and envelopes for photos
    Showing Andie how to use camera
    Giving wording for marriage certificate to Andie
    Oh, how about applying for marriage license?
    And getting all the forms together for name changing
    Putting Steve as a co-owner of my car
    Wrapping gifts for our helpers
    Making something pretty for Angel to wear
    Did I mention getting flower/bouquets together?

    Oh dear lord.

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