Wow! Is that ever pink!

Awwww… look at that face! Angel loves her new bed — well, new to her. She co-opted it from my parent’s elderly cat at Thanksgiving.

No, my blog wasn’t taken over by Barbie. Honest.

I was chatting by email with Andie and she mentioned that she didn’t really know much about the wedding — colours, themes… anything, really! I figured it was time to start revealing more details of the hows and whats and whens — oh, and the what-colours-are-theres, too.

In the link bars to the right, you’ll find a link to our wedding details website, which is a little easier than trying to sift through all the cr*p I’ve written over the past seven or so months. The site, provided by, is still a work in progress (I’m trying to get these invites out, people!).

There are also links below that which will help you with ferry travel, accommodations, BC weather, time wasting on the internet looking at links I like… all kinds of stuff!

If you want to reach me, leave a comment (I like comments!) or you can email me through my profile (I think).

Yeah. It’s now less than three and a half months until the wedding. Yup, I’m freaking out. Things are getting crossed off my list, slowly but surely, but it still feels like there is So Much To Do. And there is So Much To Do — I’m not delusional!

I’ve managed to get my ears pierced… well, repierced. I’d like to wear some earrings I got from my Grandma, but I let the holes grow over. Ouchie!

Steve and also spent a wet hour at Phil & Susan’s transplanting little cedar trees which will be part of the decor. In a few weeks we’ll be back planting rosemary and lily of the valley. Hopefully it will be less wet. A lot less wet.

My parents bought themselves a brand-new jeep wrangler for mountain-driving. My mum was so excited to advise that we could use it for driving around for weddingy stuff. I think she has a vision — a vision I like very much — of us in all our finery, top down and doors off, driving to the reception. Pray for sun!

Here is the pumpkin in all it’s glory:

What else… invitation stuff is slowly coming together. If the last stamp arrives in the mail tomorrow, I’m actually going to take the whole box o’ invite crap down to Mt. Baker this weekend and see if I can’t get Gayle & Lisa’s help (and Steve & John too, if I can nail them down) to start the invite factory. At the very least, I’d like to get their addresses.

Steve and I are still off sugar. I haven’t noticed any significant weight loss, but I do feel healthier. Well, except for today when I have a cold. A-choo!

What else… Steve got picked up by the gallery that him and Di did the concert at! It’s actually even cooler than it sounds, because we went by with the paintings on Tuesday last. They wanted two of the watercolours right away (well, they wanted three of them, but we only had two frames) and two of the acrylics as well, but Steve had to take them home again to varnish them. When he went by again yesterday (a week later), there had been two seperate sets of people wanting to buy the two watercolours that were hanging — no bio write up, no labels, no prices — but they still were interested. So, when he dropped off the two acrylics, the woman took THREE more watercolours! They now have seven of Steve’s pieces, which is impressive considering no other artist in there has more than three hanging. Oi vey!

AND there is a very good chance the gallery owner will be instrumental (hee) in helping Steve and Di get their cd done. So wonderful! (yay!)

Not that I’m excited or anything, but damn!

Weddings… right. Sorry.

Um, yeah. So the colours are brown and pink, which surprises even me, since our house is decorated in green, cream, art and hints of red and black. It’s… eclectic, not tailored. But I’ve been becoming more pink-liking for a few years now anyway. And the brown? Well…

I like the brown and pink because it’s simple, and spring-y, and reminds me of how the brown sticks of poplars pink up in the spring in the Kootenays — or how the bare branches of cherries turn to clouds of blossoms in Vancouver.

Spring marks a warming of life, the quickening of energy, and moments of feeling the warm sun on upturned faces that is more precious than gold. I can think of no better time to begin a new enterprise like a marriage — I am changing from a ‘me’ into an ‘us’, like trees turn from branches into leaves. Even though my life has been lovely to this point (I’ve been blessed with people and opportunities), I feel as though I’ve been moving from drab Octobers and Februarys of love to this wonderful May morning of being with Steve.

And on a wonderful May afternoon, in the sight of our people and the spring sun, we will be married.

Here is a photo Steve sent me, titled “A Corvus For My Love.” Thanks, babe!

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