Thank you, Gawain! And Guigemar! And the stupid girdles, too.

Some of you may not know that I have a sizeable pile of outstanding schoolwork. I completed most of a BA, including all the coursework — somehow neglecting to actually write the final papers for a number of those courses. As an excuse, “oops” sounds more than a little facetious, and other words that describe my predicament are a little too rude to put to page. The short story is that I was in a rather spectacular car accident that sapped my ability to believe that I was still a good writer. Having become more than a little addicted to the accolades I got from professors (and my beloved GPA), it seemed easier to not do the work than try and fail.

It has come to the point, however, that I need to get this chapter of my life complete before I move on to married life. There are many reasons: more money (maybe), prestige, career options, a good excuse to redo my business cards… plus I just want to have it. After all, that’s why I went back to school in the first place. I wanted to do the work and succeed and put letters after my name.

Steve and my dad have been instrumental in keeping this at the front of my mind, and cheerleading, and spamming, and reminding me why I want to do this. Keeping this journal-blog has also helped. It has gotten me writing regularily again (and liking it) which hadn’t happened in quite some time. Taking some time off over the summer and fall also helped… to the point where I resolved, over Christmas, to get the papers done before the wedding.

Alas, I’ve been sick for a bunch of weeks after Christmas, and procrastinated a few more, then I was sick again… and this week I knuckled down and did one. I have no way of knowing if the paper doesn’t SUCK, but at least its done and gone. Hopefully the professor will accept it 🙂

Ah well.

One down, nine to go.

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