The Canada Post lady knows me by name…

because I’ve been in her shop for stamps, more stamps, emergency envelopes and some more stamps.

Oh, and I mailed the invitations! Now THAT is an exciting thing to get off my list.

The invites ended up being a lot more work than I expected, but I think that is because I’m a little more anal than I expected (though just about exactly as much as Steve did).

Mid-invite-frenzy I was thinking that if I’d known making the invites was a) not going to save me any money and b) not going to save me any time, I would have just bought the darn things. However, Thursday night, as I was stuffing envelopes and the light at the end of the tunnel was rapidly approaching, I was so pleased I had done them myself.

I’m still pleased I did them myself — perhaps extra-pleased now that they are safely mailed — as they did turn out lovely. Steve will take some photos so that I can post them here.

Now, of course, I’m just paranoid that I have addresses wrong and people won’t get them. Or that I didn’t put “and guest” for an invitee who is in a serious relationship that I didn’t know about. Numbers just didn’t allow for inclusion of people we don’t know, sorry. If you’ve got a serious honey, then let us know! ARRRGHHH too much etiquette!

In other news… Boot Camp is going well — better than well. It’s been leading to lots of other positive healthy changes: still no sugar, lots of salad, leaner dinners with more veggies, more walking, meal planning etc.

In fact, we went and tried our wedding cake (again) when we met with the chef last week. It was the first real cake we’d had since January. Eight minutes after tasting the first bite, we were buzzing from the sugar — talking really fast, tapping fingers and toes — it was just loopy. Twenty-five minutes after that, we were almost asleep! You forget how much sugar affects you when you haven’t had it in a while.

On Friday night Steve’s parents were passing through town with Mike on the way up to Laura’s family’s cabin up at Halfmoon Bay. They stopped by with Costco goodness and we all went for dinner at Molly’s Reach. It was so much fun to visit and chat.

Saturday, I went to Boot Camp in Roberts Creek at 9am, then back to Gibsons to shower and be back in Roberts Creek at 11am to meet with the Hall Lady and show the Roberts Creek Community Hall to John & Gayle, who hadn’t been there before. The Hall is perfect for what we need, though I found it quite funny when Marlyn referred to our 90-person wedding as “small”. Yeah. Small. She was full of suggestions which were mostly very good.

After Hall-inspecting, Steve and I went up to Sechelt for lunch. We tried to show his parents the gallery where his art is, but it wasn’t open.

We then went up to Halfmoon Bay where I found myself a well-deserved coffee at the General Store.

We had a great visit with the boys (and the adults too, of course). Steve had his pre-birthday dinner with the family and I found out that Mike cooks a mean salmon. Mmmm!

I tapped previously unsuspected talents of on-the-spot story telling and told the boys about the exploits of Henry the Great White Shark and the Lightening Trout.

It was a lot of fun, and I feel as though I’ve come a long way from my first shell-shocked visit with The Triplets (duh duh DUH).

We ended up the evening with a rousing (and very slightly over-competative) game of Mexican Train, which neither Mike or Laura had played before.

This week: more Boot Camp, getting the last few invites out, hand-delivering the local ones, and Steve’s birthday on Saturday.

Steve go bragh?

One thought on “The Canada Post lady knows me by name…”

  1. Oh my GOODNESS Lorien, if your wedding is in 67 days that means mine is in 60… It didn’t seem that close when we started planning!

    So of course Jody and I are coming. What a lovely way to end our honeymoon, we thought: Seeing our friends get married! Sadly I realized this meant I can’t try to catch the bouquet. Oh well, at least I caught a Jody. 🙂

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