It’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood

Finally, just past midnight, it’s starting to cool down. I’m reluctant to complain about this sudden heat given that we’ve been so deprived of sun this summer on the Wet Coast. So I won’t.

Instead, I’ll share some photos of the small fry having a deliciously wet time with a hose, a trug pool and assorted toys.  We all got splashed and splattered and soaked and it was wonderful. Except, perhaps, for the odd passerby.  Aaaaah nothing like standing in a pool of cold water to cool your core.

Jack had a lovely afternoon with his friend Orien in the lane in front of our home.

I’m so blessed to live in this beautiful co-op, with a freaking cute kid and a husband who passes me a perfectly cooked grilled cheese sammich out our kitchen window so I can keep watching our small fry.  And now I can go to bed without the fan on.

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