Callooh, callay!

The frabjous day is almost upon us, and I realized I haven’t updated this blog in quite some time. I suck.

Well, actually, I’m sick. I’ve followed up my lung infection in January with bronchitis in May… I’m not sure what karmic faux pas I’ve committed to be sick three days before the wedding, but obviously I’ve made some gaff. Oh well! The show must go on.

The last two weeks pre-sick have actually been pretty great. My work threw me a shower/drinks after work last Wednesday, which was a tonne of fun. Fonne?

We then went to Jody & Julia’s wedding in Victoria on Saturday, which was lovely. The rooms they had for the ceremony and reception were amazing, and they were blessed with wonderful weather.

We’re a little anxious about the weather, truth be known. Last Friday, the forecast was for cloudy periods and 10% chance of rain; by Monday it was rain with rainy periods and 90% chance of rain. Right now it seems to be for showers and 40-60% chance of rain, but the forecast also seems to change hourly, so we’re going to play it by ear and decide on Saturday. No problem!

Gayle’s bridge group threw me a surprise (and I was surprised!) shower on Sunday. I’d been rolling around with the triplets, grass in my hair, when off we went to a “restaurant in Point Roberts for tea” aka “Cathy’s house for a shower”. It was actually very wonderful, and so unexpected! I was quite overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. Thank you!

And… Monday morning I woke up sick. Just coughing, no other cold symptoms, and the doctor thinks it’s bronchitis. He’s given me some precautionary antibiotics — ordinarily I don’t believe in taking unncessary antibiotics, and I know bronchitis is viral, but these are to head any infections (likely) off at the pass.

My mum, Aunt Joan and sister Alex are all here, helping assemble favour bags and anything else my fevered mind can come up with. Thank goodness for helpful family! Their new Jeep looks like a little Hummette. My dad is driving the tiny Jeepette down tomorrow (slowly and carefully).

Also tomorrow we pick up the clothes, the rings, the flowers and the key to the hall. I also have a massage and a haircut. I know it’s a little late for a haircut, but at my trim a few weeks ago, the woman just didn’t trim out the layers which means I have spaniel head. So the manager at the salon is going to fix it, thank goodness. Mmm… spaniel head.

I’m drinking my Neocitran ™ and contemplating bed. Ah, yes. Bed.

If I don’t get a chance to post again before the Big Day, thanks to everyone who has followed this blog, and I look forward to meeting many of you on Saturday. I will continue to use this as my blog, since every day being married to my wonderful Steve will be a frabjous day. Awww… have no fear: sick or not, I am still darn excited to be getting married!

Mmm… bed…

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