The dust has settled…

Ok, the mud has settled.

This is a short post to advise that everything went perfect. Absolutely perfect. In, of course, a not-too-perfect kind of way.

In brief: it rained, or it might have rained, or we might have lost our minds wondering if it was going to rain, so we decided to have the ceremony in the hall itself. Our contingency plan worked a treat and, in the end, it was a WAY better decision to have the ceremony in the hall than on the pier. In fact, it was magical.

The ceremony was beautiful. Steve cried. Ok, I cried a little, too.

The dinner was delicious and the cake was very un-wedding-cake-like. In other words, it was delicious, too! Mmm… cake!

Our friends Andie and Cas took photos and they were brilliant.

Steve and I danced together to Barabara Lee and Diana doing “Rickie’s Waltz” which was WAY better than the unoperational iPod.

Being surrounded by family and friends — our community — on our wedding day made it so special. We were humbled by the generosity and warmth and love in that room.

Thank you to everyone who came. To those who could not make it, we thought of you.

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