Still frabjous…

Married life is wonderful. In other words, it’s not really much different than pre-married life, except that I have more thank-you notes to write.

We got back from Powell River late on Friday and spent the weekend recovering from camping and getting back into our rhythm of daily life. Oh, and getting better from being sick. Yes, still sick. But getting better, slowly.

I realy will get this blog properly updated. I have so much to say about the wedding, and about our mini-moon, and about… well, about everything. Feel free to skip large chunks; there really is just so much to say.

But… later. Not now. Work was pretty intense today, and I’m up WAY too late tonight getting some stuff done. I need photos from Steve and a little bit more clear desk to think properly. I’m working on all that (especially Steve!), and will post once I get everything in a row.

A few little things, though:

Seeing Fab & Janet’s daughter, Lauren, petting Angel so nicely on the floor with one of the triplets (Justin?) in the middle of crowds of people was a perfect snippet.

Standing at the back of the room and looking over the sparkling glasses and twinkling lights and beautiful flowers and thinking “this could not be more perfect.” It really could not have been more perfect. Really.

Dancing to the old-time-y music… hearing Di’s harp as we were peeking around the corner to see when to come in… Steve’s napkin + fire incident (I sacrificed my glass of Pelegrino)… watching people try out the fortune-telling fish… a chocolate-covered strawberry… the astonishingly fast clean-up when everyone pitched in… it was marvelous.

Rustic-ly elegant.
A fun party!
I’m glad I was invited 🙂

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