Oh wait! I forgot to mention the FIRE!

Yes, the FIRE!

After dinner sometime, one of the (carefully stamped) paper napkins in front of Steve drifted over one of the tealights on the table. Since paper + flame = FIRE! the expected happened.

There was Steve, with a flaming napkin almost in his lap, and all I could think was “I am NOT going to have my brand-new shiny husband burned to bits in front of me.” After our West Coast Trail debacle, who can blame me?

Very calmly (at least I think it was calmly), I stood up and dumped my glass of Pellegrino on the fire. That seemed to put it out, which is good, because my next glass to dump would have been Laura’s red wine. I guess I would rather have had him stained than injured!

I don’t think anyone got a photo of it, unfortunately. I’m not even sure anyone other than myself, Steve, Alex and Fi even saw what happened.

In the end, Steve was a little dampish, and I had to brush some grey ash from his sleeve, but otherwise unhurt/scorched.

I guess it’s funny now, eh?

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