Photos of Langdale Falls with commentary. Yes, commentary. I’m sorry.


The Falls:

Yes, water is falling in Langdale. Not a very imaginative name, I’m afraid.

Ahah! I got the camera:

He doesn’t look very impressed right there, does he?

Slithering around on the rocks:

Don’t laugh, but I broke my pedicure on those rocks 🙁

I got the camera again and Steve obligingly looked all handsome in front of the falls. He didn’t wreck HIS pedicure (ok, I couldn’t convince him to come with for one).

This walk took the prize as the New Best Walk Ever for Angel, though she doesn’t actually look that enthused in this photo:

She wasn’t quite as into standing around on rocks, though.

She looks like a circus dog! Only unhappier.

I took the camera to take a photo of Steve using the rope assist. I love rope assists!

All in all, it was a very nice walk. And wade. And slither. And pedicure-demise!

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