Safe & sound

We made it! safe and sound in Istanbul, and we’ve had a wonderful first day of our honeymoon. This internet connection (purloined from some unsuspecting Istanbullus) is a little shaky, so no big upload today.

Hopefully we’ll have a chance at a real internet cafe tomorrow.

Everything is going great (better than great) so far, and we’re heading off to Goreme on the night bus tomorrow night. Next stop, fairy chimneys!

2 thoughts on “Safe & sound”

  1. Hi you two happy hikers – hope all is well in Turkey land. Hope the food and water and coffee are all to your liking, that the hills are good hiking, and you remain on cloud nine!
    Guess what Steve?!? Ben called, and he has scored the film entirely with Spirit Road – he’s blown away he says it sounds so great! Reese will speak and the film will open [premiere]at the Heritage Playhouse theatre next Thursday night. Woo woo!

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