End of a Long Hiatus

Well its been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog, and I mean a long time……For all you regular and long tme readers, if any are left I do appologize. To any new readers, welcome!!!!!

As to why I’ve revisited this lonely lost ship of a blog, that is complicated. My wife Lorien and I are currently wandering through the wonderful land of Turkey, and Turkey being Muslim, has mosques. Mosques have five calls to prayer every day, one of which is at 5:30 am. Now I am a morning person but some things are excessive even for me and I spend a lt of time lying awake thinking and philosophizing. I guess this blog is now an outlet for all that cogitating.

I have no intention of writing a traveloguem for that you have to visit the Frabjous blog, I make no claims to literary greatness or deep philosophical thought. I just hope you stop by, have some chai and look at the pretty pictures.

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