The latest stats

Jack is enormous. 

He was weighed on Wednesday (at four months and three days) and he is 16lbs, 11oz, which is an increase from 15lb 14oz two weeks previous.  He is 27.5″ long, which is half an inch larger than two weeks ago.  Insane!  That makes him in the 97th percentile for height and the 75th or so for weight (he was 95th and 95th at birth). 

I buy nine-month sleepers for him now as all the six-month ones are getting tight around the shoulders.  We bought him a snowsuit… 18 months size!  Admittedly, it is big on him, but we wanted to make sure it would last to the end of the winter  🙂  

He’s not even a chubby baby — just tall and strong and full of beans!   I’m working on the ‘more to love’ principle with him (as I nurse my aching back). 

It’s hard to believe he went from this tiny little thing: 

To this, in four short months…

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