Week two? three? Wow, do Saturdays ever fly by…

July 22, 2009. We have a Leo. I turned 39 weeks on Tuesday, and still no Jack in sight. I’m not even sure he’ll be here by his due date, if the distinct lack of waddling on my part is any indication. Sucky. Maybe the midwife can give me a hint tomorrow.

I really can’t complain, but I will anyway. I have had a ridiculously easy pregnancy so far — no morning sickness a cupcake couldn’t shift, no frightening weight gain, and very little of that terrible malaise some pregnant women seem to feel after about week 32. You know the kind — the GET IT OUT women — I have not been one of those. Until Monday, when all of a sudden I realized I was a little bored of being pregnant. Not sick, not cankle’d (or worse yet, thigh-kled), not crampy, discharge-y or any other nasty thing. Just bored. Bored of taking two or more minutes to get off the couch, bored of not being able to pick stuff off the floor, bored of my limited wardrobe.

The time has come to meet this baby, so come on out any time now, ‘k Jack? Please?

Today I took advantage of my last few baby-free days to go to SFU and hand in the paperwork necessary to maybe, possibly, potentially graduate in October. What a trip that would be! It took what, eight years? but I finally completed my BA course requirements in April. Mind you, had I known exactly how difficult it would be to take full-time courses, work full time AND grow a baby, I might have made a different decision back in November when registering in three courses seemed like a peachy-keen idea. The perspective is different on the other side of two pink lines, I assure you. That said, it was hard, but not quite too hard, as I managed to complete all three courses AND nailed the first A+ of my university career.

See, I told you I can’t complain.

Jack’s room is almost done. One more shelf to put up, and the art, and a portable package of baby wipes for my (new, shiny red Columbia TM) diaper bag! Oh, and I need to pack him some outfits to come home in, plus mine and Steve’s hospital bag, and THEN he can come. Please?

I’m ready to meet my little man. I’m ready to see Steve become the amazing father he is going to be. I’m ready to see Angel wag her heart out when we finally bring home her very own baby to love.

I am damn ready to drink that glass of wine in early labour.

So, please come soon. Please?

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