Friday Night

at Di’s listening to music… it’s been so long. So long since we’ve been here, with the warm lights overhead and rich carpets below creating a bright space surrounded by a warm and fragrant dark.

That said, it’s been a while since the dark was warm and fragrant, given the dire overcast-yness of the summer so far. We haven’t been hiking much, and we haven’t been at Di’s much, and mostly we’ve been working hard and playing music all over the place. Ok, Steve’s been playing and I’ve been working. We’ve done several lightning trips into town, Alex has visited for a week and we’ve been enjoying our first summer as newlyweds. If you haven’t guessed, I’m excuse-ing madly for my lack of blogging!

We’re gearing up (literally, given our MEC shopping list) for our upcoming trip to Turkey and planning wildly. I realized (having worked five days so far this week and looking forward to going into the office tomorrow. And maybe Sunday. Gah!) that it has been a very long time since I’ve had a holiday.

Doing the West Coast Trail last year was nice for the first few days… not so much for the last week. It was hardly relaxing, in any case. The wedding was lovely, but not relaxing either; our mini-moon was wracked with coughing so was less restful than it might have been. But that’s ok because YAY we’re going to Turkey!

Di, Steve, Blaine and Mick were playing the ‘camel suite’ — Andro and Dromedary, which Steve wrote — and it inspired thoughts of Persian spice and dark nomadic tents on the Selcuk road.

The moon is rising over the ocean and the banter and dropping notes are underwritten by waves on the beach. What a magical place. What a magical time in my life: full of music and planning for our trip, planning for our life. I’m so lucky.